The Kardashian yard sale!

So! On Sunday The Kardashians put together a yard sale for charity.

Daddy's girl: Bruce Jenner embraced his stepdaughter Khloe Kardashian as they joined their entire family, including his estranged wife Kris, for a charity yard sale on Sunday Family time: Bruce joined his and Kris' teenage daughters Kendall and Kylie at the family yard saleNo drama: Bruce and his estranged wife Kris (pictured here with her daughter Kim Kardashian) have maintained an amicable relationship despite their split

All of them attended, Kendall and Kylie had a stall where donations were able to be put and the rest of the K’s helped around everywhere. Even Bruce, who was seen spending much loved time with daughters Kendall and Kylie, he was also seen helping Kris carrying things from the cars to the area they were selling. I think after the amount of years they’ve loved each other, it would be impossible not to remain best friends, so anyone that doubts their friendship.

This act shows how the Kardashians do give back to the world and aren’t the people the press make them out to be. Be ready to tune into a new series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where you will see this yard sale in action!

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