Kim’s upset to the media reaction..

As we know, Kim earns herself and her baby a good living – just like many people. Kim also gives 10% of every product she sells on her eBay and 10% from every job offer to charity and people see this as a bad thing?

There’s millions of celebrities that don’t give anything at all.. And how can people sit there and moan at Kim for giving 10% when they probably give absoloutly nothing themselves to charity. At least she’s giving something.

Unfortnatly, the world is a cruel place – even the good things people do, somehow look bad. Kim has every right to keep money for herself, they’re her things she’s selling, it’s her job, I’m sure most people wouldn’t want to be giving up any money when they work so hard for it, especially if they have children to care for. Kim can’t just go throwing her money around everywhere, like the rest of the world, she’s saving for her future and her childs future now. People are too quick to judge and throw rude comments.

Here below you can see Kim’s message to the public. Love you Kim.

'It is wrong to mislead the public': Critics jumped to bash the star for her auctions, of which only 10 per cent of profits goes to charity, though Kim insists her heart is in the right place

Kim and Kanye’s mr and mrs interview!

Kanye appeared on the radio show, Hot 97, to speak about the different things going on in his business and personal life – and to fans excitement, Kim joined him, telling the presenters she was being “wifey for the day”, sticking by her man while he went through his daily duties. Even though through the interview Kim did sit back, as it wasn’t an interview meant for her, but at points she did speak and when she did you could see the happiness on her face. 

The interview included Kanye talking about Kim, the proposal, the show, his deals in the fashion world and maybe even more babies! Throughout the video Kim was constantly smiling while watching her man and Kanye was showing his humorous personality. Lets hope they do some more interviews soon! 

More important than his image: Kanye West said Kim Kardashian was so beautiful it didn't matter how cool, or uncool, she was during an interview with Hot 97 radio host Angie Martinez on Monday

Here are the links below if you’d like to see the video! 

Kendall Jenner stops a nation!

As most people know, Kendall Jenner has a real taste for modelling, it’s something we saw in the early episodes of Keeping Up With Kardashians when she created a portfolio of her photos and then went on to her first shoot in New York with Kim, but since Kendall has gotten older, she has embraced her beauty and has turned into a beautiful and professional model, modeling for different photographers all around the world!


Some people reacted badly to the photo – which I think is because Kendall is always the one who is more covered up and quiet of the family, but this photo shows that she really is good in her profession and sister, Khloe took to Twitter to devote her love for the picture.

Gorgeous @KendallJenner!!!  High fashion! Model your booty off and show them how its done!!! Major Model  Moment! I love seeing all of these haters comments.  Naomi, Kate, Cindy…. All fabulous models…. Models and photographers take beautiful artistic images. And I don’t hear you birds  chirp then. Sit down and enjoy the view! #SorryNotSorry — Khloé (@KhloeKardashian)

Even though like Khloe all models take those sort of artistic images. It really looks like Kendall will have a promising career! Here’s some more of her modelling shots from previous shoots.





In June Kanye released his top hit album, Yeezus.

Over the past few months he has relesead tracks as singles and the latest one as a single is Bound2. Bound2 has an incredible catchy beat and the lyrics are noticablly sexual. So when I heard the video was going to be premired on Ellen, I was curious to what the video would be and when I saw the preview, it certinally wasn’t what I expected.

The video opens with beautiful scenery, some amazing shots of white horses running which go perfectly with the slow start of the song. We then see Kanye lip-syncing to the rapping of the song and different cuts of a sillouette on a bike – which is supposedly finace Kim, then gradually we see close up shots of Kim’s face. We then gradually see mid-shots of the couple on a motorbike that’s still while the backgrounds move through various shots of landscapes. When it gets to the lyrics “I know you’re tired of loving, of loving With nobody to love, nobody, nobody. Close your eyes and let the word paint a thousand pictures One good girl is worth a thousand bitches, bound” we see many intamate moments between the two, circulating rumours the song is about Kim. The video then finishes with a simple kiss between the pair.

Personally I feel like having Kim in the video is a big thing. Kanye is putting his emotions completely out there and the way he wanted to give it a premire showed the devotion and how proud he was of the video.

Here’s the video on the link below.

Kim is BACK!

Kim was on her way to see the new collection by Mario Testino, where she  was papped wearing a figure hugging outfit, that showed off all her best features. She wore a white sheer-top and long white tight-fitting skirt, trimmed with gold shoes by Tom Ford and a cute little gold clutch bag – and of course her beautiful engagement ring.

Image Image

Ever since losing the baby weight, Kim has been wearing amazing outfits to show all the critics and harsh people that were rude to her during her pregnancy who’s boss! It’s good to see her back in the lime light and not caring what people think. Here’s some photos from the recent weeks! Image

Baby Nori!

Kim is definitely opening up her protective barrier when baby North is concerned, we got to see not one, but two precious photos of the little baba! The first photo showed North laughing, which was unbelievably cute and the second was her being cuddled by top fashion designer Riccardo Tisci – not the worst person to hang around with on any accounts. All though all the news stories circulating are saying how she is at war with Kanye over putting these images up, which is most likely more than false. Kim is the mother of the baby, she’s aloud as much say as Kanye, I’m sure he wouldn’t stop her doing this. People are just obsessed with creating drama over happy situations.

North West

North West with fashion designer Riccardo Tisci

Kim Kardashian my “tape” theory.

Many people assue that Kim got famous from her sex tape – but personally I think that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Kim and her family were all put in the spotlight when they were younger due to their father, Robert, being in a extremely famous trial to do with O.J. Simpson. This is the first time the Kardashians were in the spot light.

Once they grew up, Kim began making money by sorting out friends wardrobes for them and using eBay to sell clothes to gain money for herself. To this day she puts her clothes on eBay still.

Then Kim began hanging around with Paris Hilton and Nicole Riche, Nicole being a childhood friend. Kim was photographed out more and more, going to red carpet events and other things. This was the beginning of her being famous.

Shortly after this, that is when the sex tape came out. But why did it get so big and why does everyone constantly say it made her famous? Sex tapes are released every single day, you don’t see every single person become famous. This means she must of already been a “someone/celebrity” to have such a media buzz happen over the tape. Because if she was a nobody, the tape wouldn’t of meant anything to anyone.

Also another point, the sex tape was private. It wasn’t a slutty thing to do because it was between her and her boyfriend. It wasn’t meant to go out online, it wasn’t created to be seen by anyone apart from her and her partner.

People need to know the story because they judge and make accusastions.